Intel, former Education Manager, Europe

As Education Manager for Europe, Danny Arati focused on the delivery of continuous professional development programmes for teachers, on the shaping of policies that drive innovation in education and on the research of specific usage models of technology in education. The main focus of his role was how Education can be transformed in order to deliver 21st Century Skills, with the support of technology. He was regularly involved in the hands-on delivery of professional development programmes to teachers, as well as in drafting policies and guidelines with various Ministries, NGOs, Academia and industry partners. Before joining the Education team in 2004, Danny Arati was a project manager for the Intel’s e-Business Group. He holds a BA in Literature, Philology and Journalism from Fribourg University (CH) and an MA in Mass Communication Research from Leicester University (UK). He has taught languages at secondary and post-secondary level in Switzerland, and in Adult Education Colleges both in Switzerland and England. A member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, he is also a Principal Examiner for the International Baccalauréat Organisation.