Are you equipped to be a confident and resourceful 21st century educator?

Colouring_pencils2Knowing how important continuous professional development is nowadays, EDEN wishes to cater to your needs by providing a selection of short training courses. We invite you to join our training sessions during the 25th Anniversary EDEN Annual Conference 2016! Please also be advised that the Erasmus + KA1 – mobility programmes can be utilised to cover your participation fee. 

Training sessions, facilitated by prominent experts on innovation in education from all over Europe, will be offered as part of the 25th EDEN Annual Conference. The trainings promote the implementation of EU2020 and ET2020 strategic priorities, therefore funding the costs of participation at the training events could be eligible as part of an Erasmus+ mobility project.  The interpretation of eligibility of such an application may depend on various national aspects, therefore we advise you to clarify the position of your National Agency before applying.

Check out the KA1 – mobility programmes (schools, VET, HE) on the website of your Erasmus + National Agency. The deadline to submit a mobility grant application to your NA is 2 February 2016.

Would you like to know more about other training events and conferences offered by EDEN? Do you need more information on how participation at events organised by our organisation can be integrated into your mobility project? Do not hesitate to contact the EDEN Secretariat at

We hope to meet you at the EDEN 25th Anniversary Annual Conference in Budapest.